Calories in Fruit

Lots of people like to know the calories in fruit whether that's bananas or apples or more exotic fruits like pomegranates or pineapples. Generally low in calories, especially if you take fruit that has a high water content.

Generally speaking the calorie content of fruit is quite low. This is because fruit contains a high percentage of water.

Its also low in fat and high in fibre which helps your digestive system work more efficiently. Another advantage of the high fibre and water content is that fruit tends to make you feel full quite quickly and youre less likely to overeat large quantities of it.

There is of course considerable variety in the number of calories depending on the type of fruit. This is largely to do with the size of the fruit and the percentage of water that it contains. For example, your average apple has 44 calories while a banana has considerably more at 107. Peaches are around 35 calories each while pears are higher at 45 calories. A single strawberry contains only 2.7 calories though of course if you eat a large bowl covered in sugar and cream, this number will shoot right up. A 100 grams of grapes is about 50 calories while a whole grapefruit weighs in at 100 calories.

When you consider that your average bar of milk chocolate contains 530 calories per 100g, you can see why substituting fruit for sweets can make a real difference to your weight. Fruits are also high in important vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants that help prevent cancer. They can be refreshing, tasty and delicious. The key to enjoying them is variety. While an apple a day may indeed help keep the doctor away, it can get a bit dull after a while. Try exploring the whole range of fruits out there from kiwis to mangos to passion fruit.

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