You Are What You Eat

The expression you are what you eat has been around for a while. But what does it really mean?

How Does Your Diet Impact On you?

The expression you are what you eat has become such a clich that few of us consider its significance. While eating nothing but pizza won't actually turn you into a pizza, the truth remains that your body processes food into new cells and the energy required to keep them running. It is in this sense that you are what you eat. Your diet has a direct impact on how you look and feel as well as how well and how long you are likely to live. Keeping the pounds off is not just about controlling how much you consume but also thinking about how your body will deal with what you put into it. You are what you eat is a useful saying to bear in mind next time youre tempted to shove some greasy, fatty, sugar loaded concoction down your throat.

The Importance of Vitamins and Minerals

Although your body can tell you when youre hungry, it can't tell you what it needs you to consume. It's important to make sure you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, to keep your body ticking over properly. A lack of balance in your diet can lead to forms of malnutrition where you feel constantly tired, run down, and lacking in vitality. This may not be because youre not eating enough, but rather that youre not eating the right foods. Not eating properly can affect you not only physically but also your ability to concentrate, complete tasks efficiently and the functioning of your brain. Dieting and exercise can help to make you feel fitter, but at the most basic level what really counts is an understanding of nutrition, the science of nourishing the body. When you ensure that youre getting all the proper nutrients you need, your whole being will feel happier and healthier.

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