How Your Job Is Making You Fat!

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How is it possible you spend the whole day working hard at the office, have hardly any time to treat yourself and you still end up packing on the pounds by the end of the month? Experts say your job is probably the culprit.

Every day when you come back from work, you feel drained and can’t simply wait to kick back and relax. If you're feeling so drained, it should mean everything done at work has tasked your body and a tasked body should be a working body that has burnt quite a few calories. This means you should actually be losing weight from all the stress, not adding weight.

Sadly, the reverse is the case for most people with office jobs.

It's the Desk Job

If you are wondering how and why your desk job is making you a little thicker around the waist, below are some answers;

The Long Commute

That long drive you have to take to and from work every day is probably aiding and abetting your weight gain. Studies have shown that people who use public transportation, walk, or other alternatives to commute to work have lower BMIs than those who drive to work on a regular basis. Thus, park your car more often and try walking whenever you have the chance.

Poor Nutrition

You are what you eat and when you are hard at work, you probably either skip meals or eat what’s readily available (usually junk food). Doing this on a regular basis will begin to tell on your weight as skipping lunch will often lead to eating larger dinners while eating junk food that’s packed with unnecessary calories works its own damage. If this is you, you can turn things around by improving your diet and also making use of natural slimming products.

Eating Late

If your job requires you get there early and close late, chances are really high that you eat a lot of late dinners. Going to bed on a full belly is no good and evidence of this is likely your expanding waist line. Asides from the dietary aspect of early days and late nights, there’s also the issue of not getting enough sleep which can throw your metabolism out of whack.

Extended Periods of Sitting

A mostly administrative job means you spend a lot of time behind your desk. Sitting for long hours will in the long run affect not just your weight but also your overall health. This is because sitting for hours at a stretch slows your metabolism and contributes to weight gain. This is why it is highly recommended that you take regular short breaks during the working day to simply stretch your legs. There are also a variety of simple exercises that you can do right at your desk to help manage weight gain.

Giving In To Stress

If your particular job is a largely demanding one, it can lead to you wanting nothing more than to kickback at every opportunity you get. This means less time partaking in positive activities such as working out or going out. Opting for activities such as lazing on the couch and watching TV every opportunity you aren’t working can lead to weight gain. Instead, opt for more beneficial activities such picking up an active hobby or taking a leisurely walk.

Using Elevators

After spending most of your time at your desk, a little exercise such as walking around can do wonders. Using the stairs is especially effective. But if you constantly choose using the elevators or the escalator this will not improve your health.

Try to use the stairs more often. Not only will it burn more calories, it’s also great for boosting mental and physical health.

Coffee Breaks

If coffee is your go to beverage every time you need a pick me up in the middle of the day, you’ve already identified one culprit that’s contributing to your weight gain. Coffee might give you an energy boost when you need it but it also leads to increased fat storage in your body. Thus, the less coffee you drink while at work, the better.

In Summary

These are just some of the ways your activities at work are causing you to add weight. But if you follow the suggestions given above concerning how you can turn things around, you should witness significant changes in no time. 

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