appetite control

Appetite Control

Losing weight is ultimately about consuming less calories. But it can be hard if you feel constantly hungry. So, what are the best ways to cope with that?

What is Apetite Control?

At the core of many successful attempts to lose weight is appetite control! Whether it's through the use of appetite suppressants is considered one of the keys to successful weight loss.

However, appetite control is not about some magic potion that will stop you feeling hungry. The appetite suppressants may help for some - but self motivation is key too.

Achieving a level of appetite control involves accepting that a certain amount of hunger is normal and that this is the bodys way of telling you that you need food. Starving yourself will only succeed in teaching your body that it needs to hold on to fat for as long as possible. Far more effective is incorporating appetite control into a healthy and well balanced diet where calorie intake is controlled.

For in fact its not so much a question of how much you eat as what you eat. At least initially your stomach cannot tell the difference between being full up with vegetables or full up with cheeseburgers. Yet the ratio of calorie intake to energy required for digestion can be huge. You can eat vast quantities of cabbage without gaining a single pound. The same is not true for greasy chips.

Eating the Right Foods

Therefore, the trick is to eat foods that make you feel full but dont expand your waistline. This is why foods high in fibre but low in saturated fat are the way to go. If you experience hunger pangs, try eating an apple or a bowl of bran cereal with skimmed milk.

These high fibre foods fill up your stomach and take longer to digest so that more time will pass before you feel hungry again. Other options include drinking water, which is a natural way to suppress hunger, and eating lots of salad with low calorie dressing.

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