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If your local slimming club can help you lose weight, then what are you waiting for? We can help you find them from Curves to Rosemary Conley to special classes at your local gym.

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Finding the right slimming club may for some be about trial and error as the nearest one maybe Weightwatchers or Rosemary Conley - but you may not find those weight loss programs work for you.  At least we can help you find your closest slimming clubs with our dedicated directory for UK clubs.

One of the most difficult aspects of losing weight can be getting the support and encouragement you need when the going gets tough so that is a great place to start! Some of the leading slimming clubs in the UK include; Rosemary Conley; Weight Watchers;Slimming World; and Slimmer UK. But there may also be some local ones that are not affiliated to any of these.

How Do Slimming Clubs Help?

Firstly, they create a nutritionally balanced diet plan for you to follow handy if youre not sure what to eat and what to avoid. Secondly they offer a ready made support system, there to provide encouragement and chart your progress.

With all the different choices, the best way to find one that's right for you is to begin your search online. Alternatively you could ask your GP or other health professionals who may have personal experience of them.

Youll find big differences from one organization to another. These can include membership fees, and also the level of service offered. Some groups include weekly meetings where you can meet other dieters, while some are internet-based, with chat rooms for support.

Which works best will depend on you and your lifestyle. If you are very busy, or a person who prefers to be more private about such matters, then an online organization may be your best bet. However, if sticking to a diet plan requires regular reinforcement from others, then an organisation that offers weekly group meetings would work better.

The key to getting it right is research. Be sure to check that meal plans are nutritionally balanced, and that the advisers are qualified nutritionists if in doubt check with your local doctor.

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