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When you exercise it doesn't just help you look good physically but also can make you look good and feel good about yourself.

Impact of Exercise

Exercising regularly and eating healthily can be the first step in ensuring you look and feel great. You'll notice that your skin, fitness levels and energy levels all improve significantly. The reason that you tend to look and feel great after exercising regularly is that certain chemicals are released in the brain, induced by being physically active.

These include endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. These make you feel satisfied and provide you with feelings of well being and happiness. They help you to look and feel great and motivate you to endure the issues that may arise in everyday life.

Impact of Blood Flow

Blood flow is also increased, skin becomes more radiant and flushed and you're generally more active and prepared to exercise. Taking regular activity and eating a well balanced diet can therefore help you to you look and feel great for longer.

Your risk of injury or developing serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes is greatly reduced too. In essence, you're healthier on the inside and this is evident on the exterior.

Free Radicals

Constant exercising can mean your body produces an excess of free radicals which can prove to disrupt cellular activity and be detrimental to your health. You can also lose a lot of sodium through sweating and this can lead to you feinting.

Drink lots of fluids such as water and isotonic drinks to replace water loss through sweat and ensure you consume enough water and salt to prevent dehydration and feinting. Taking antioxidant nutrients such as vitamins C and E helps to alleviate the problems associated with free radical damage.

By exercising regularly, you increase fitness, metabolism, endurance and heart rate range whilst helping to reduce your risk of developing illnesses such as heart disease and high blood pressure related issues.

Reduce Cholesterol

As you exercise more and more, you'll tone up and your muscles will become more defined. This helps to reduce cholesterol which can be deposited in the arteries. These deposits can lead to blockages, strokes and heart attacks.

As the heart is forced to work harder consistently, it allows the circulatory system to improve and this helps to prevent blockages from forming as the material is pushed through the circulatory system at higher pressure than usual. This helps to prevent you from becoming obese too as constant exercise can assist you in losing weight and controlling it.

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