Aerobic Exercising

Whether it's aerobic or anaerobic exercise it is performed by us all during physical activity. You'll find that regardless of whether or not you're training for 30 seconds or 2 hours, aerobic exercise plays a vital role in your physical activities.

By taking physical activity that doesn't use oxygen and utilising the oxygen through respiration for the activities that do require it more abundantly, your body can perform at various levels of endurance. Aerobic exercise refers to levels of oxygen that is required to perform within the designated activity. You need oxygen rich blood to maintain exercise while this is not the case for short bursts of energy.

Repetitions using various methods such as weight training, circuit training and interval training sessions require oxygen rich blood. Oxygen rich blood is used more quickly to complete such training effectively. The build up of lactic acid in your muscles then prevents you from continuing training. Using a stair climber, treadmill or attending an aerobics class relies on respiration and exercise. When lactic acid has been removed from the muscles, you'll find that exercise is possible again.

When you work above 75% to 85%, you move into the anaerobic threshold range. In this range, you're pushing your body too hard and there are no health benefits of such actions. This means that the body can no longer meet its demand for oxygen. In essence, you require more oxygen than your body is able to take in. You'll experience exhaustion and stop burning fat as your heart rate increases above the maximum.

Excessive amounts of lactic acid will cause you to hyperventilate. In essence, not enough oxygen is taken in to cleanse the blood to your working muscles to sustain your activities. You can prevent this by remaining within your target heart rate zone. Improved fitness means you can push your body into a higher range so your threshold also increases. By establishing your ideal target range and working out your weight loss objectives, it is possible to begin setting realistic weight loss targets, gain weight control and start to engage in a healthier lifestyle. As part of a healthy lifestyle, eating the right foods and exercising regularly is the key to weight loss success.

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