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Calories in Takeaways

In the UK we seem to love our takeaways. Having the odd one is not going to be a problem but for some people if they consume too many the calories can be piled on.

Theres nothing more tempting after a long hard day at the office then to dial up for a pizza or drop into your local Chinese for a quick meal you can carry home.

Why We Love Takeaways

Takeaways have sprung up on every corner of every street in Britain in response to the growing demand for food that is fast, cheap and requires minimum effort. As our lives get busier and busier, many of us find we dont have the time to sit down to a long meal, never mind prepare one! But what are all these takeaways doing to our waistlines?

Takeaways and Fat

Unfortunately, most takeaways are heavy on the fat and light on the nutrition. On average, they contain up to 40% fat. Many of them are cooked in whats known as transfats, that is fat that was once unsaturated but has been made saturated through chemically processing. These transfats are now thought to be an even greater cause of heart disease than saturated fat.

The other worry, particularly with regards to meat, is that you cant be too sure where it came from. Or just how long that kebab spit has been turning.


If you really dont have the time to cook, then think about checking out the healthy eating ranges in your local supermarket. Many of these foods are just as quick as a takeaway but they have an information panel so you can see what youre getting.

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