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What Are Fat Burning Pills?

It has become popular to take fat burning pills to reduce weight. But are they a good idea? Here we examine the evidence.

What Are Fat Burner Pills?

Let's think about defining the term first. "Fat burner pills" in relation to losing weight can be misleading as, to effectively lose weight, you must exercise as part of a diet plan or weight loss programme involving healthy eating. Simply taking a pill is not going to help in the long term.

However, Fat Burner Pills help to increase the bodys metabolism and efficiently burn off calories - so they are a slimming aid in the weight loss sense. These drugs are almost always prescription and their active ingredient is amphetamine-based.

Fat Burner Pills will help some people to lose weight faster by increasing metabolism - so this is why this is one drug that you should seek medical advice in taking before experimenting with your body. There are also some side effects that you may want to consider before starting on such drugs.

What Do Fat Burner Pills Contain?

Having talked about amphetimines, there are various active ingredients used in fat burner pills. These include two that are very common, Ephradine and Guarana. Ephradine is the active ingredient used in the diet pill Ephreda. It is sometimes combined with caffeine. This can increase blood pressure which can lead to headaches, an irregular heart rate, heart attacks and strokes. It is a controversial substance that has much opposition rather than support due to its potential dangers to health.

The US Food and Drink Administration (FDA) can provide various articles and detailed information as well as impartial advice on the side effects and potential problems associated with such ingredients. The FDA suggests a maximum of 8mg per day and limited use of up to a week. It has been described as a stimulant of the central nervous system and can, in the short term assist with weight loss. Long term results for sustainable health and fitness can only be achieved through taking regular exercise and eating a healthy, well balanced diet.

Guarana is also used in slimming pills. It can help to boost metabolism and the main ingredient it is often accompanied with is caffeine. Sometimes used in herbal treatments for health, it can increase blood pressure and also pose hazardous risks to health. While this is a useful short term solution to aid weight loss, the answer to your weight problems lies with the combination of regular exercise and healthy eating.

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